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Yazan Mousa
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Articles I have created:
Medical education in Jordan, American University of Madaba (AUS), Specialty Hospital, Jordan, Wajih Owais, Virgin Radio Jordan, Jordan Hospital (Jordan), Arab Medical Center, Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Princess Haya Biotechnology Center.
Articles I have significantly contributed to:
Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Suleiman Mousa, Jordan, Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF), Energy in Jordan, Telecommunications in Jordan

Suleiman Mousa[edit]

Suleiman Mousa was a Jordanian author and historian who wrote up to fifty books documenting the modern history of Jordan and it's leading figures, the Great Arab Revolt, Sherif Hussein bin Ali, and was the only Arab to write an internationally acclaimed book reviewing the role T.E. Lawrence in the Arab Revolt.