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David Schwartz[edit]

Some basic autobiographical information so other editors know my level of expertise and possible biases.


Born in Texas, I moved to Michigan at five, and homeschooled until I graduated at sixteen. To mitigate the age gap, I created my own curriculum focused on computer science and convinced my parents to allow me to spend the next year studying software development, data structures, algorithms, and software architecture. Under the dual enrollment program, I also took electrical engineering courses at Grand Rapids Community College. Most of my free time was spent participating in internet groups with a focus on writing software.

I enrolled at Ferris State University as a full-time student shortly before turning 16 with a declared major of Electrical Engineering. However, near the end of the semester, my family relocated to Arkansas, and I decided to move with them. I then enrolled in Southern Arkansas University with a declared major of computer science. I undertook 16 credit-hours while also working for Murphy USA as a Programmer/Analyst. After completing two years (63 credit-hours), I used my experience at Murphy USA to obtain a position as a software developer in Dallas, TX before I turned nineteen. I am currently a software developer qualified in the development of software solutions for any Microsoft platform, including C#, the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and JavaScript/CSS.

I began dabbling in QuickBASIC around age eleven. By thirteen I was participating in game development communities as a novice scriptwriter in Lua. I taught myself C# when I invited to join the esteemed Halo modding team "HaloDev," formerly located at I poured my spare time into developing tools for video games, specializing in reverse engineering their proprietary binary formats.

I played the flute throughout middle and high school. I came to enjoy the fine arts, reading classical literature (my personal favorite being Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo), and practicing amateur music composition, acting, and poetry composition.

Now in my young adulthood, I have become something of a compulsive autodidactic learner with eclectic set of interests, examples including:

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