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I'm also just your typical person that likes anime, manga and videogames. Though this current and past season has been quite a trip for me. From seeing KIBA (now in it's 26th ep) and soon to be licensed. Plus the more darker anime; Night Head Genesis and Blood+. To the best sports anime that I could ever find :). Including MAJOR, Whistle! and Eyeshield 21.

For games itself. My interest mostly goes to that of Square Enix. With it's extensive list of really great RPG titles. Namely the Final Fantasy franchise. And with Final Fantasy XII coming out soon. All the more I get excited.

^_^ This user watches anime.

Kiba (anime)

Great anime and characters, that tends to blend similar genres that were in also Fate/Stay Night and

Final Fantasy XII

Probably one of the most political, yet best story. Since the online Final Fantasy XI. Everything that a Final Fantasy fan could want is in this game.

Tales of the Abyss

At first, I had some doubts. Due to some fans, saying that this game may not make it stateside. But, thankfully Namco Bandai Games America stepped up and picked up this really cool Tales game.

Now, if only they can pick up Tales of Rebirth ^^.

Final Fantasy XIII

Not much is known at this time. But from seeing the E3 trailer. I can see where this next gen game in the long running FF series will be headed. With composer Masashi Hamauzu and Theme Song Composer Nobuo Uematsu taking care of this game's themes. It'll be hard to pass up this really good game.

Fav Characters

  • Rock Howard (SNK Playmore)
  • Keith (Kiba (anime))
  • Terry Bogard (SNK Playmore)
  • Kusuha Mizuha (Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars)
  • Ryusei Date (Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars)
  • Masaki Andoh (Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars)
  • Tasuku (Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars)
  • Excellen Browning (Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars)