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Hello there, Zinbielnov here. I have had my fair share of aggravation with Wikipedia so far in my brief association, since I have been more eager in calling attention to its shortcomings than in contributing my efforts to its worthy cause and impressive overall results.

I have serious issues with the flexible degree of authority which Wikipedia assumes on different topics. In particular, I am very worried by Wikipedia's coverage of health and medical topics as well as that of current events - as an encyclopedia-configured information source, Wikipedia often lends an illusion of finality or conclusiveness to highly disputed and contestable topics, thus discouraging curiosity and inquiry. In short, I believe that on these topics Wikipedia is inadvertently tipping the scales of public opinion toward strong conservativism and deference to authority, simply by attempting to say anything on such topics.

I hope to become a constructive critic on Wikipedia, if there is room for such a thing - and it seems that there is. In the meantime, I intend to pull my weight and I hope to compile herein a growing list of contributions.

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