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It's too easy to sanitise the Joh years. Much of what happened is not in books like Hugh Lunn's. Hugh is an excellent fellow but he didn't witness all of it.

You need to pick over the records contained in the Fryer library for original documents or read Ray Whitrod's autobiography. Even then, much information was hidden or destroyed.

Some material came to light at a conference at Queensland Police Headquarters on February 24, organised by former Special Branch Policeman, Barry Krosch. Krosch is completing a research Masters on political police in Queensland at Griffith university.

Krosch revealed that the political police reported to the Premier. He said the Special Branch had 10,000 Queenslanders on file with sub-categories including Communists,Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses.

March 2012[edit]

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As I recall, it was sourced. Somebody removed the earlier material and stuffed up the references. EG Joh's quote about the media. This was accurate and a relevant refelction of Joh's contempt for the media. I also happened to be there when he said it.

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