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Edited to correct a few slight errors: (the dumplings are *not* covered in Streusel but in roasted breadcrumbs. Streusel need to be baked and therefore are exclusively used to cover cakes & the dumplings are rarely made of apricots but mainly of Marillen, hence the name Marillenknödel)

and to expand the description a little since I am living at the Austrian border and am familiar with this dish. In fact, I regularly have this for lunch when there's Apricot and Marillen (Marille plum) season ( = right now!) =) If you're interested in the recipe, please feel free to contact me: (shan't be at home next Saturday, though, for reason of being on a Marille plum buying expedition to the Austrian fruit farming regions). Please specify if you want the recipe in metric or imperial units (litres/grams or cups/ounces).