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there was a hatred between Greeks and Macdonians at time Alexsander was king of macdonia and greece so when Alexsander went to Asia for battel with persians greeks sent a letter for king of persia.greeks wanted from persian king that give them(greeks)gold for to make a war against Macdonians.but persian king didnot accept.for greeks persians and macdonians were alien but greeks were thinking that persians are better than macdonians for greece because persia was far a way from geece but macdona is near greece so macdonia is mor dangeres than persia for greece . when that greeks heard Alexsander became victorious in battle with persians they became very sad because thier desire parieshed for to unite with persians against macdonia.(quotation from A.T.Omstead,Histry of the persian empire.chicago:university of chicago prees,1948,p.xii