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Hello unregistered user at IP address A wikipedia link is designed to connect a user with related information, in this case the article explaining what a stereograph image is. It does not imply a connection to a complete stereograph print of the image you are seeing. CApitol3 (talk)

like many links on wikipedia the link is to explain a term. The proper term being stereograph, or stereograph view. While you seem to be hoping for a link to the full stereograph, many users do not share your expectation, and are looking for information on hte meaning of the term. CApitol3 (talk)

As many users do not know the meaning of the term. The link belongs where the word is used – in this case a caption. We hold different views as to the expectation of users on clicking the link. Wiki MoS (manual of style) allows for such links within captions. CApitol3 (talk)