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We need to discuss this rather than getting into a revert war.

My reasons for reverting your edits to Karaoke are as follows:

1) Your emphasis to Audiosyntrac gives it undue weight in the development of karaoke. (See WP:NPOV#Undue weight). The history of karaoke section had not mentioned your company in the last 500 edits until you started putting it in, and those 500 edits date back to Feb. 2002 when the article was barely more than a stub. Had Audiosyntrac played such an important role in karaoke's development, then someone not from Audiosyntrac would have noted it in the article. Were you to not substantially change the history section, but to add a sentence or two within the existing structure, I would find it an agreeable compromise that would satisfy WP policy. Googling 'audiosyntrac' yields only 3 distinct sites, and one of them is the founder's own.

2) In light of the above facts, you have violated the WP policy against self-promotion. (See WP:NOT). It is difficult to maintain NPOV when writing about yourself/own organisation. Your edit has shown this. Though you are now an anon IP, you must be an employee of Audiosyntrac, as your edits are the same as those of 1audiosyntrac2. Writing about your own organisation, while not wrong in and of itself, is a slippery slope.

3. Including so much info on Audiosyntrac is wrong because it is non-notable. cf 1. If your achievements, etc., are verifiable and genuinely notable, and thus suitable for inclusion in Wikipedia, someone else will probably create an article about you sooner or later. I mentioned this point, again, in 1. So much info on Audiosyntrac violates WP policy per WP:CORP.

Please respond to my challenges and prove me wrong; it will help me to assume you have good faith in your edits. Carl.bunderson 01:13, 26 July 2006 (UTC)