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Thank you for your comments. However, I won't go into details but from my substantial professional and family background which connects me with publishing and libraries and scientific and academic research I fully recognize that, in an academic context, the use of initials is correct (as in the publication of papers and monographs). This, however, is not an academic context. It's a general encyclopedia, where people come for information and I am trying to produce some consistency within the set of records I am working on and to enhance the value that the user should be able to expect from this resource ... I'm not a newbie where any of this is concerned but this is a return visit for me after a long break: I spent some time working on the resource a few years ago and had to drag myself away from it when it was taking up too much of my own free time! :-)  !!!!

Oh, I don't mind. I just thought I'd save you some time, in case somebody takes it on themselves to revert your edits. Cheers! (talk) 23:18, 17 July 2009 (UTC)