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Hi! My name is Raymie. I edit articles on Arizona schools.

I want to explain an edit I made to something you edited recently at Saguaro High School. You wrote that the school is a "Div. 3" [sic] school for conference alignment.

However, there is now a split between sports alignments (for determining who plays in what division; e.g. Saguaro is Division III in football) and internal AIA usage (for instance, regions now only exist in the sense of committees of athletic directors, though they do have the same names but some different sets of schools). It gets more confusing because the alignments are modularized. (Saying Seton Catholic is Division IV only applies to football; it competes in Division II in basketball, in Division I in boys' volleyball and in Division III in girls' volleyball. The AIA lists it as 3A, but for whatever reason Seton is part of a 4A region.) It's misleading on many levels. I prefer to insert conference, which provides a reliable clue on enrollment and size and doesn't include things like prowess in a sport or (if they do that in the future) competitive equity adjustments (where schools might play at a lower, more appropriate level in a given sport). Here I've simply dropped it.

For a reference of where schools are and in what conference, the AIA has a good resource in its Conference Region Alignment page on their website (click Conference/Region Alignment). Raymie (tc) 21:09, 26 November 2011 (UTC)