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Los Angeles class submarine[edit]

Why do you keep putting B.S. in the L.A. class sub section? Are you a military official? It is common knowledge that the Triton was capable of 55 m.p.h. A televised documentary on American nuclear sub. quoted it. I believe it was History or Discovery channel. How is it possible that the L.A. class is slower?

WHy are you spewing absolutely bogus figures of 30-32 knots? Today's fast container ships are capable of that speed. You mean to tell me that a sub designed to escort some of the fastest Naval surface vessels is only capable of exactly 30 - 32 knots? WHat b.s.

My sources are personnel you have first hand naval experience. It is easy to hide behind the strict protocol of reference sources when you know this topic isn't discussed in any publication for the most part.

Go away.

Nov 2007[edit]

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