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You have vandalised the discussion page on the Tom Waits article. Your actions will be communicated to an administrator.--Charles 17:50, 5 May 2006 (UTC)

Re: your message[edit]

Hi, Regarding your edits to Tom Waits and Talk:Tom Waits, I agree that your original edit of Tom Waits' birthplace was a good-faith edit, and not vandalism. It looks like it was an honest mistake - he claimed to have been born in Valparaiso, Indiana, and you didn't realize he was pulling your leg. These edits, on the other hand [1] [2] [3], in which you edited another users comments, were rude, and editing other contributors' talk page comments is often considered vandalism around here. Please don't do that.

To answer your question, "If the facts are in dispute, what's the proper way to resolve without just letting inaccurate info go?" - when the facts are in dispute, we go to the talk page of the article in question, have some discussion, and try to sort out what's what and what the article needs to say.

To learn more about Wikipedia, please see Wikipedia:Welcome. I'm also happy to answer any other questions you may have. -GTBacchus(talk) 21:38, 5 May 2006 (UTC)

You might also be interested to know that the use of Majuscule letters is generally perceived as shouting; surely the cordiality with which you phrased your question to GT is sufficient to demonstrate that you didn't mean to "shout", but you might be well-advised to avoid writing with the caps lock toggled on, lest others should get the wrong idea. Joe 21:46, 5 May 2006 (UTC)