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Considering that the time is June 3rd , 2009, and I have just seen the movie. I was sad , ashamed, understanding and in awe of what he did to relinquish his association with the typical form of social graces. As I myself struggled with many forms of anti-social behavior since i was about 6 yrs old, starting hitchhiking by the time I was 10, I felt like was watching a movie of my life on the road, being alone and away from any people. I understood his desire to be independent of everyone, but never understood his need to be ostracized from society. My own personal feelings to hold back that which i hated the most, made me feel arrogant toward people around me and never let me go down the path Christopher went.My deepest feeling of hatred made me want to push myself more upon those that lived the structured life. Suicidal...sure, but as much as I felt the desire to be alone, i feared it just as much. I truly feel for his family and the loss they suffered due to his desire to put his own needs before that which he may or may not have loved. I know i have been through a more sever, tumultuous life in comparison, but still feel that he as worst, never let his desire to be different and independent of the everyone else on the planet interfere with his need to explore his own life ....or destiny. The one thing I have learned about myself in my own true form, was that it was never death that I have feared...but life. Death is in this chaotic , self serving society is hard. With all my heart, I send my condolences to the McCandless family