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Please note the following from Guthrie, Elizabeth (2004), "A Study of the History and Cult of the Buddhist Earth Deity in Mainland Southeast Asia", p.107:

The sacrifice and burial of virgins, pregnant women (and even pregnant cats) under the foundation pillars of religious [including Buddhist] buildings, city gates and bridges to act as guardians is widespread practice in the region. (28) Although usually glossed as "pre-Buddhist" or "Animist," such practices have interacted with Buddhism for centuries and cannot today be understood separately from Buddhism. There is in fact a conceptual similarity between the interment of a female (mother or virgin, human or feline) under a foundation pillar and the story of the earth deity and the bhumisparsamudra.

(28): Chandler (1974:207-222), Quaritch Wales (1931:304-5), and Wright (1990:43-53). (talk) 01:26, 16 January 2013 (UTC)Samgwan Spiess