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You obviously have a beef with railroad police for some reason. Did you get arrested for trespassing or something? Either way, please stop adding your opinions and inaccurate information to the railroad PD articles. Thank you. Equinox137 01:04, 21 September 2007 (UTC)

I have no "beef" with railroad police and have never been cited or arrested by any agency. In fact 30 of my 52 years has been spent as law enforcement officer for PUBLIC agencies both local and federal.

In reading the articles about rail cops, one comes away with an impression that railroad police are fully commissioned offices. While this is true in some states but is not in many others.

They MAY have full commissions or as is the case in most others, receives special commissions from the governor, state police or in the State of Washington, the state training commission.

The vast majority of these commissions are of limited authority and are restricted to railroad property or when the crime is committed on rail property, may operate off same.

I respect the job rail cops do but they are private police to include Amtract police, who as receive special commission from the states, but train at FLETC.