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Hi. I can see that you're enthusiastic, and trying to be helpful, but I have reverted a number of your edits and would ask that you consider a few things before continuing: (1) PLEASE check your facts and sources before editing; when you include genera like Osmia (a Megachilid), Systropha (an halictid), and Panurgus (and Andrenid) in a list of Apidae, it is clear that you are not using appropriate resources, and that you are not an expert in the subject matter. Factual errors like this do a disservice to readers who are not familiar with bees. (2) your command of English grammar is, unfortunately, indicative that you are not a native English-speaker, and this creates additional problems. (3) your habit of making lots of very large edits all at one time gives little opportunity for any other editors to correct the problems introduced by earlier edits. Please consider that you are making many mistakes, and other editors may need time to fix them. I would ask you to try making smaller edits, and waiting until the errors in one edit are fixed before making any more edits. In that way we can proceed to improve the articles in small increments, rather than leaving them full of uncorrected errors. I do not wish to prevent you from editing, but I am asking that you change the way you are editing, so there is not only a good end result, but that the transitions from one edit to another are smoother and less disruptive. Thank you, Dyanega (talk) 06:25, 7 March 2012 (UTC)

Your source material...[edit]

I have done a little research, and it appears that your source for edits is the French Wikipedia, which you appear to be attempting to translate into English. Please do not do this. There are many, many errors in the French articles on bees, and no one there is (or has been) attempting to correct them. All you are accomplishing is spreading the errors from one place to another, and that is not especially helpful. If you are a native French speaker, then perhaps I can suggest that you correct all of the errors on the French versions of the relevant Wikipedia articles before trying to import them into the English Wikipedia. Dyanega (talk) 06:41, 7 March 2012 (UTC)

Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda[edit]

I reverted your edit to Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda because you did not cite any source for the claim, and the etymology of "Fontaneda" is not really relevant in an article about the person. -- Donald Albury 10:52, 19 March 2012 (UTC)

Dubious claims on Conquistador article[edit]

Hi. You added the following at 17:17 on 30 January 2012: "It were the possibility of reaching the American continent in the year 1375, just to Newfoundland long before Columbus did in 1492. Many researchers also argue that at least two dozen of men arrived in the territory of Newfoundland caming from the Bay of Biscay and Bayonne in 1412, but this has not been demonstrated archaeologically yet. The evidence, however, suggest that Basques began dominating the history of whaling when they discovered the Grand Banks by 1372. Basque fishing, trading, or pirate ships rediscovered and perhaps even pillaged the desperately isolated and likely abandoned Viking Eastern Settlement on Greenland, probably before 1450." You cited this Basques discover Grand Banks 1372, which is merely a message board citing a wikipedia article. The message board posts are from April 2008, and soon after (April-May 2008) these dubious claims were removed because they lacked proper citations (because none exist). Your 1412 reference to Basques in Newfoundland appears to be a muddled version of their presence in Iceland in 1412 (which has been demonstrated to be false: see History of Basque whaling). And your 1375 date appears to be a typo for 1372, which (again) is another dubious date without a shred of evidence. I will be bringing up these claims on the talk page, where you can state your incredibly weak (nonexistent) case. Baily'sMacomb (talk) 00:33, 28 June 2012 (UTC)