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Re: (cur | prev) 2011-12-20T07:16:07‎ Pmbcomm (talk | contribs)‎ (17,119 bytes) (Undid revision 466740900 by Oceanflynn (talk) OceanFlynn's changes amount to valdalism) (undo):

I have been working to update the article entitled Canada and the Kyoto Protocol using the most recent data available from most reliable official sources eg: UNFCCC (April 21, 2011) (.pdf). Report of the individual review of the annual submission of Canada submitted in 2010 (Report). United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; Environment: GHG Emissions Per Capita (Report). Conference Board of Canada. July 2011. Retrieved December 19, 2011; Using the categories and sections they use I have restructured the previous content, removing some data that did not have any citations/sources. I am not sure what Peter McKenzie-Brown (BA, APR, CERTEFL) considered vandalism in my recent edits. I couldn't understand what was offensive and what he had removed.

I respect that he has a strong knowledge base in the petroleum industry and has contributed a lot from an industry-based perspective.

I wish to improve my own wikipedia editing and enjoy watching the improvement of articles organically as each contributes from their own knowledge base. However I consider it quite a serious breach of wikipedia policy and etiquette to be accused of vandalism in large lettering visible in the wiki article itself not simply on the revisions history pages.

In an attempt to produce an unbiased article that remains robust but not polarized, could references to political parties be removed? oceanflynn 17:36, 20 December 2011 (UTC)