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from finished because

Home - own Internet access[edit] (talk) 2005 Jul 13 or earlier probably my earliest IP address for WP edits can't remember why finished (talk) 2005 Nov 22 or earlier
several not yet identified and now probably not identifiable (talk) 2008 Jan 04 cannot remember (talk) 2008 Nov 13 wireless part of router died (talk) 2009 Apr 18 install of Netgear combined modem and router (as supplied by Virgin) (talk) 2010 August 31 (talk) after 2010 Sept 4 and  
before 2010 Oct 19
failure of Belkin router and switch to Netgear router (talk) 2011 Jun 25 after upgrading Netgear router model WGR614v6 to firmware version V2.0.19_1.0.19 (talk) 2011 July 22 after installing Fonera Simpl router - more details (talk) 2011 Sept 02 completely unknown - don't recall switching modem or router off except for very brief periods (talk) unknown date before
2011 Dec 4
presumably inactivity while we were in USA (talk) 2012 July 26 approx. unknown - possibly cable modem failing or line problems beyond our house (talk) unknown date before
2013 June 14
New Virgin SuperHub (talk) 2013 July 15 unknown - modem or router not touched (talk) 2013 Sept 28 probably due to inactivity while we were on holiday in Pembrokeshire and Ireland (talk) 2014 July 01 approx. unknown. There had been some changes, eg. Google maps thinking for a while that we are in Bristol but that was a day or two before the last edit under this IP (talk) 2016 Apr 16 unknown but we did have some periods when we all away (talk) after 2020 Jul 11 and
before 2022 Jan 14

Other places - including hackings in from home[edit] (talk) 2005 Jun 10 Office (presumably - IP address is registered to BT). Lasted until …
2005 Oct 16 (talk) 2008 Jul 15 Office (talk) 2008 Sep 06 Office (talk) 2009 Mar 27 Office for three days (talk) 2009 June 18 Office (talk) 2011 Dec 31 JGB and RMB home (talk) 2012 Mar 31 MNH home - Virgin Media cable - unchanged despite switching modem off several times (talk) 2012 May 12 and 13 Friends Book Centre - IP address blocked (talk) 2012 Aug 01 onwards Microlite server hosting and and their other domain names (talk) 2013 Feb 21 Villa in Moraira (talk) 2013 Aug 19 Westminster Reference Library (talk) 2013 Oct 27 JGB and RMB home (talk) 2013 Dec 13 not actually used by me but did some worrying edits which smelled like Yasir72.multan (talk · contribs) using a proxy on my doorstep (talk) 2013 Dec 24 HT home, Stourbridge (talk) 2014 Jul 03 Rossbeigh Beach House - I just did one frivolous edit but I was surprised to see that the address has quite an edit history (talk) 2014 Aug 17 very surprised to find this BT router with a contrib history within "sight" of my room - but see below (talk) 2015 Feb 05 Opera Turbo - with an Oslo address - seen from home for the first time on this date (talk) 2016 Mar 17 - 31 HPB Santa Rosa, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote 2016 Jun 05 - 07 JGB and RMB home - Rhodoreaction (RR) - see this thread (talk) 2016 Jun 15 KidsZone wifi at St G's Hosp - no RR (talk) 2016 Jun 16 BTWifi-with-FON visible in kitchen at home (BFkh) - no RR (talk) 2016 Jun 21 BFkh - Doncram taggings - no RR 2016 Jun 22 BFkh - Rhodoedits - RR unsurprisingly 2016 Jun 26 The George - RR cos on watchlist (talk) 2016 Jun 26 The George - no RR (talk) 2016 Jun 27 BFkh - StarryGrandma reverted 2016 Jun 28 BFkh - StarryGrandma reverted 2016 Jul 13 BFkh - StarryGrandma reverted 2016 Jul 24 First use of Croydon FMH WiFi connected to Plusnet 2016 Aug 03 Croydon FMH WiFi 2016 Aug 06 Croydon FMH WiFi (talk) 2017 Aug 07 and
annually thereafter
Olympia re RRs (talk) 2017 Mar 25 Croydon FMH WiFi - should be static IP from this date (talk) 2019 Jan 03 NHS Free WiFi at St G's Hosp (talk) 2019 Apr 04 using Samsung tablet via Tesco SIM card. Any other later edits from IP addresses also registered to O2Online are likely to be via same route. (talk) 2019 Nov 06 NHS Free WiFi at St G's Hosp


2014 Aug 17. Unlike Virgin Media where ones IP address can stay static for months, BT seem to change IP addresses almost by the minute. As well as the noted above, I also found that I was on (talk), (talk) (both today) and (talk) (a few days ago). Also, I am sure that I connected to via two different routers with MAC addresses: 34:8a:ae:cd:0b:e7 and 62:7d:5e:e8:5b:8a. So the person or persons doing all these Wikipedia edits is not necessarily in my street but probably is connected to CROydon exchange.

2015 Dec 09. Today I see MAC address 34:8a:ae:cd:0b:e7 with an external address of 86:187:199:254 (talk). Goodness knows how many other IP addresses it has had since 2014! Sure enough, a few hours later the same MAC address is now (talk) 17:17, 9 December 2015 (UTC)[reply]

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Started: 2011 Jun 25 after failure of Belkin router and switch to Netgear router. — (talk) 18:03, 27 June 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Finished: 2011 July 22 after upgrading Netgear router model WGR614v6 to firmware version V2.0.19_1.0.19. — (talk) 23:11, 22 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]

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