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Reminders for class on Tuesday, 2/4[edit]

Hi Abu! A quick note to check in and share some reminders. How have the Wiki readings been going? Do you have any questions about them? We will be evaluating Alexander von Humbold'ts Wikipedia page on Tuesday in discussion, so be sure to review the Evaluating Wikipedia article quality brochure. Also, remember that you have two other things due Tuesday: creating a User Page (see mine for an example) and introducing yourself to an online ambassador or another student through their Talk Page. Let me know if you have any questions! --Enstandrew (talk)


Hello Professor- I am sorry that I missed the deadline and thanks so much on checking on me. I am going to make create my user page as soon as possible. I am still trying be comfortable with Wikipidea

I first came to know about Cosmos when I was assigned to read Humboldt for our class. This is his one of his major works, and in this book he took a revolutionary approach to describe nature in harmony with men. I believe that we are not at all separate from nature,and to describe nature we need to experience it, the way Humboldt did. I wanted to contribute to the page because there were not much information given on such an important topic like this. Abue.chowdhury (talk) 06:48, 11 February 2014 (UTC)