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Berdwin, as in Pilot Charleston Berdwin the 1st, is the internet alias of an unknown human entity in attempt to remain anonymous online. There was a time when their real name was used, but then second thought came along and changed all of that.

Berdwin was created through inspiration using an image drawn by a high school student around the year 1999 or so. The image involved an old hermit man operating a flying device with wings and feathers while wearing flight goggles. Berd comes from "bird" and win comes from "wing". It was drawn in pencil on paper and won first or second place in a spring art show. It was also featured in a high school year book of an unknown year.

Charleston is a town in Utah, USA located near Heber, UT and was used simply because a middle name was needed (and sounded good at the time).

Pilot comes from the same image that which Berdwin comes from as the old hermit man was the pilot of the flying device.

Most people might think you would only need an online alias which is comprised of one word only, but this one is three words. First, middle and last as a real person might have and thus makes the entity unique.

Pilot Charleston Berdwin is the 1st because they ARE the first as all as such shall keep this in mind. Thank you.