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First of all, how can I be disruptive if I'm following protocol? :) Second: Yes, I agree Sherdog can't be the deciding factor always (they get plenty of things wrong too), but sometimes it's the source a consensus reached to act as a guide. By adding "body kick and spinning back fist", we imply that JoJo only hit those thing and there wasn't a couple of punches in between. If she indeed performed just those 2 strikes, then it would be a no brainer. If you provide a play by play, all of them will say she landed a spinning back fist. It's just as if she landed 5 punches after the kick and the article said "a body kick followed by four straights and an uppercut finished the job". Then by that definition and modus operandi, the finish would be listed "body kick and uppercut". It gets lost in that problem, that's the issue with this finish. Gsfelipe94 (talk) 21:56, 19 June 2016 (UTC)

Glad to know you don't blindly follow Sherdog like a lot of others on here. I believe the most significant strikes should be listed. Or, the strikes that caused the end of the fight. The punches in this case aren't a major factor, like the knee to the thigh no one is trying to add, and it's the backfist that ends up dropping her. The body kick is what really ended the fight but the ref was incredibly slow on that & allowed the follow up strikes. For MMA, the consensus is we generally don't define the type of punch it is. For example, "right hook" or "left uppercut" would be found on a K1 or kickboxing record but would only be listed as a "punch" on an MMA record. I'd prefer we did but I'm okay with it because there's not enough technical breakdown on MMA fights & would just cause chaos on this site trying to define it. However, a spinning backfist is easily identified & there shouldn't be much argument in what it was. If we start listing a "spinning backfist" simply as a "punch" we might revert back to listing all TKO/KOs with multiple strikes as simply "TKO (strikes)" I don't believe it should be lumped together as just a punch.

Bloody Freak (talk) 22:28, 19 June 2016 (UTC)

Why I use Sherdog is they use the results were reported to the state athletic commission aka official reports which is what Wikipedia is 100% based on is what is official. Therefore I have switched it back to body kick and punches. In addition, "In the column Method, unless sources within the body text of the article state otherwise, always use the result that is available in a fighter's record at Sherdog Fight Finder. Do not use your interpretation of a fight result in the record" that is directly from the Wikpedia project mixed martial arts.-Rockchalk717 22:57, 19 June 2016 (UTC)

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