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I am writing this biography because my English teacher made us. It's really cool learning how does Wikipedia really works. However , my name is Alicia Carolina but I don't like my first name because Carolina sounds better to me. I borned on July, 30 of 1994 in a city called Celaya ubicated on Guanajuato in Mexico, I haven't been in celaya since then because it wasn't really planned. I've been living all my life in Mexico, in several parts as in Queretaro, Chihuahua but most of the time I lived on Pachuca,Hidalgo. Even though its a capital city it's a place where everyone knows everyone and where everyone it's your neighbor. I like it really much and I think it's a nice place to grow up. I'm actually living on Mexico City because I decided it was the best place to study medicine in Mexico. It was a difficult decision I apply for many universities and it wasn't easy to decide which university was the best for me. First I thought the best option was to enter to med school in USA, so I made several exams like SAT, TOEFL and I went to interviews to Baylor university and to UIW, both in Texas. I really like them very much so I looked for a nice place to live and I made my parents pay for the tuition fees. But after a while I noticed that that wasn't what I really want because in USA you need to study something before really entering to med school. I was already on pre medicine in Baylor school, and they told me that it was really difficult entering to medical school after pre medicine and I start to think about it and I decided that Mexico will be better because I also wanted to be close to my family. So I returned to Mexico and apply to UP and ITESM, they both accepted me but I really hate the UP my parents made me apply there that isn't the kind of school I like. After that I went to ITESM campus Monterrey to study there and a girl I didn't know talk to me about medicine in campus CCM which I didnt knew. Finally I asked them to transfer me to campus CCM and now I am here studying what I want, what I love and the best career in the world. I don't know what speciality to chose but have interest on something that requires someone who can handle tough situations like ugenciology or trauma. I also like endocrinology. But who knows? I may change my point of view ....