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Royal Netherlands Army[edit]

Hello Cubosensaj, thanks for the compliments. I already updated the structural chart with the news that the 13th Brigade is now a motorized brigade. I wasn't sure what the best symbol would be for the two infantry battalions... according to the source you provided the brigade will be equipped with "Bushmaster, Mercedes-Benz, Fennek en Boxer". Now the Boxer is an armoured fighting vehicle... but the Dutch Army doesn't buy it in the IFV or APC versions... so I choose to give the two infantry units the infantry symbol: APP-6 Infantry.svg and not the wheeled armoured symbol: APP-6 Wheeled Mechanized Infantry.svg or the wheeled IFV symbol: APP-6 Infantry Wheeled Mechanized IFV.svg. In case you think I should use another symbol for the 17 and 42 infantry battalion, please let me know. Thanks, noclador (talk) 13:31, 25 October 2013 (UTC)