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Feel free to ask any questions!

Secondary Antibody image[edit]

Hi David, I got your message on Talk:Secondary antibody. Because you are the creator of this image you will need to select a license for your image. Some of the licenses you can choose from are:

  • Public domain - by releasing it into the public domain, you give up all rights to it
  • GFDL - this is the same license under which all of your text contributions to Wikipedia are licensed
  • Creative Commons CC-BY-SA - a simple license allowing anyone to use the image as long as they credit you

If you tell me which of these licenses you would like to use I would be happy to upload the image and insert it into the article for you. --DO11.10 22:01, 21 June 2007 (UTC)


Hi there David! DO11.10 contacted me on my Talk page about your image, to see if I could help you with the upload process. First of all, I'd like to say that it's excellent, and is very well suited for Wikipedia. I do have a question: on DO11.10's Talk page, you said the image was created in vector graphics. May I ask what file format you used? Wikipedia supports SVG, and it is in fact the preferred format for diagrams. If you're able to export the image (currently a JPEG file) as SVG, that would be fantastic. (If you can't, that's OK as well).

You can contact me here: please tell me what you can do and I'll upload the file for you. I can also explain the upload process to you, if you'd like to upload any future images yourself. Again, thank you so much for allowing your work to be used on Wikipedia! Best, Fvasconcellos (t·c) 02:23, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

All right then. If you're familiar with the upload process, that makes things much easier :) The quality does seem to be degraded when viewing the SVG, but the website renders it properly when it's up. As for image placement on the page, Wikipedia:Picture tutorial provides a pretty thorough overview of the image syntax. To make an image the lead illustration of an article, use the following code at the very top of the article, before the text:
It will align right and appear as a default size (180px wide, but you can increase this default size by going to Special:Preferences). If you'd like a specific size, you can use the following:
(where 000 is the pixel size you want). If you don't object, I'll upload the image to Wikimedia Commons, so it can be used by all projects, such as other-language Wikipedias. I see you've chosen the GFDL license—is there a specific description you'd like for the image? Also, if you could tell me the date you created it, that would be excellent. Thanks again, Fvasconcellos (t·c) 13:35, 30 June 2007 (UTC)
David, I've uploaded the image—it is available here. Please feel free to edit the description as you see fit, and add any extra information you would like to. If the image doesn't look right to you, please let me know! Best wishes, Fvasconcellos (t·c) 02:36, 1 July 2007 (UTC)