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Hi Davidellias,

Thanks for contributing to Wikipedia by creating the article 1988 Miller High Life 400 (September). There are however some issues with the page that you still might be able to fix. First of all, the article is not written in a neutral point of view (you might wish to have a look here: Wikipedia:Neutral point of view). Examples of this are: Davey Allison blistered the field in qualifying, lapping the track with an average of 122.850 miles per hour. Davey's lap was overshadowed by another story. That story was tires! You might wish to have another look at the article and clean such sentences up a bit. And give it a more encyclopedic tone.

Secondly, there is a point with the verifiability of your sources. Wikipedia:Verifiability. You used the Historical Stock Car Racing Forum. A forum is always a dubious source of information as there is no verification of the information by an authority. Secondly, the forum is only available to members of the forum. My suggestion is to look for other sources, ones that everyone can verify.

I hope that are willing and able to improve your article with this information! Happy editing. Crispulop (talk) 16:03, 29 May 2013 (UTC)