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Please see Wikipedia's no personal attacks policy. "Do not make personal attacks anywhere in Wikipedia. Comment on content, not on the contributor. Personal attacks damage the community and deter users." Please keep this in mind while editing. Thanks, -- Tawker 06:21, 13 February 2006 (UTC)

Please don't replace Commonwealth English for American English as you did in Provisional Irish Republican Army. "organisation" is how they spell this word in Ireland. If you look at my userpage, you will see that I prefer American English, but we must use Commonwealth English in articles about the UK and Ireland.--Adam (talk) 04:24, 14 February 2006 (UTC)

Supporting Sinn Fein and the PIRA: Why?[edit]

Devin, I'm Irish; I was born here, I live here and am from a family that fought for Irish freedom for generations. Yet I have not nor will I ever support either the PIRA or Sinn Fein. You cannot support one without supporting the other. If you do not realise that its because you simply do not understand the complexitys of the Northern situation. The fact of the matter is that you live thousands of miles away, and to you it is just something you read about in the papers. It is not real life to you. For us, it has being an ever-present daily reality. To put matters bluntly it is like saying you support the Muslim Brotherhood but not Al-Quaida.

The PIRA are not freedom fighters. If they were they would have long ago followed the will of the vast majority of the peoples of Ireland. But they never have, because the will of the people is not what they want. They are militaristic, undemocratic, and criminal. Have you any idea just how deeply they have warped our lives with their despicable beheaviour with intimidation, kidnapping, smuggleing, protection rackets, punishment shootings, and murder via the gun, semtex and the human bomb? You cannot, because your comment show you do not know what you are talking about.

Still and all, you support Sinn Fein, despite the fact that they are not only supporters and apoligists for the PIRA, but many are actual PIRA members themselves? You are comfortably supporting an organisation that is fundamentally opposed to the will of the peoples of Ireland as expressed by democracy, and enforces its will via voilence, murder, crime and the proceedings of crime. How can you? How can you support people who stood by - and in many cases were - the perpetrators of acts such as Bloody Friday, La Mon, bombings in Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK and Europe, Enniskillin, Shankill, Canary Warf, Warrington, Guilford, Bermingham, Omagh, not to mention the kidnapping, torture, murder and 'disposal' of so many people? Tell in how and it what way these acts are different from any other terrorist acts?

I would not for a moment have the gall to support an organisation detrimental to law and order, justice for all, freedom of thought and expression in the USA. Please, for the love of God, reciprocate. Is mise le meas mor, Fergananim 19:14, 14 February 2006 (UTC)

Opinions Should Be Supported By Facts[edit]

Here's a few to get you started. Take all the time you need; we have a long way to go ...

Fergananim 19:44, 14 February 2006 (UTC)

PIRA changes[edit]

Hello I left some queries about your recent changes to PIRA on the talk page for the article. Thanks Fluffy999 18:16, 21 May 2006 (UTC)

final warning[edit]

Stop hand.svg
Final Warning
Stop reinserting images that have been removed because of legal and fairuse concerns. Your actions can be seen as vandalism. If you do one more such edit you will be blocked from editing Wikipedia. You may not get another warning before being blocked.

You have been continually deleting bot removals. If you do it again you will be blocked. FearÉIREANNIreland-Capitals.PNG\(caint) 15:02, 10 June 2006 (UTC)


You have been blocked for vandalism for 3 days. To contest this block, add the text {{unblock}} on this page, along with an explanation of why you believe this block to be unjustified. You can also email the blocking administrator or any administrator from this list. Please be sure to include your username (if you have one) and IP address in your email.

Please do not erase warnings on this page. Doing so is also considered vandalism.

You were warned to stop removing bot removals of pictures. Those pictures constitute a serious legal issue on Wikipedia and cannot be used. Hiding behind a sockpuppet to keep up the campaign is an abuse of Wikipedia. You have been blocked for 3 days for doing so. Given the potential legal problems that your actions may cause, any reoccurance may lead to a far longer block up to and including an indefinite block. FearÉIREANNIreland-Capitals.PNG\(caint) 15:28, 11 June 2006 (UTC)


Wikipedia:Requests_for_comment/User:Devin79 is open on your behaviour. Jdorney 12:11, 11 September 2006 (UTC)


I am confused as to how I could have been bloked for Vandalisim. I have never vandilized anyones work. I hae edited pages because the original authors have put in factual errors or I have added things and sourced them. I edited the PIRA article, because Jdorney continues to revert it back to the un-factual article he orginally wrote. If Wikipedia is about accuracy, then I am confused as to why I would be banned from editing a un-factual article...particularly when I make sure to source my additions or changes. Everyone does this on Wikipedia, if I am going to be blocked for this...Jdorney should to, sine he does the same thing...or do editors get special treatment.

Another ridiculous complaint was made by SWATJester about the SAD article. The original SAD article was missing some facts, so I put facts from sources like Time Magazine, LA Times, Newsweek, and the New Yorker in. But I did not delete any of his work, I merely added to I don't know whyu the guy is throwing such a little hissy fit. I have the right to edit just like everyone else, as long as I source my edits (which I always do). If people disagree with my edits, they can tell me in a grown-up professional way, or they can re-edit the article. I am more then willing to work with people on Wikipedia, but to be blocked for bogus reasons is a disgrace. I have obeyed the rules of Wikipedia, if I am doing something wrong, send me a message, and I will adress that. But I will not stop contributing to articles, that is the whole point of Wikipedia, if it bothers some editors like SWATJeaster and Jdorney...well, that's too bad, they need to get over themselves, and either fact check their articles, or make it so nobody can change them. It amazes me that these two are so petty that they block someone for doing the same things they do...pathetic.

So you get blocked in part for engaging in personal attacks, so in response to that you request to be unblocked by continuing on the personal attacks.... --pgk 12:20, 16 September 2006 (UTC)

I should be taken off the block list.[edit]

What personal attacks. I have not once vandalized or attacked anyone. I have been blocked for over a week now. This is ridiculous. I am not going to aplogize for things I have not done. It is truly sad and pathetic, that Jdorney, and his friends are blocking me and making up allegations against me, just because he is upset that I have a different viepoint on some of his articles, and that I have the gaul to correct his articles which are full of innacuracies. I should be taken off the block list, since I have done nothing to be put on it in the first place.

In his ludicrous block against me Jdorney wrote the following "Regarding the Irish Republican pages, this user pushes a POV agenda talking up the IRA's military effectiveness. He does this by inflating the casualty figures listed. He has used several methods to do this. Firstly, by changing the numbers given by sourced material, thereby falsifying it. Secondly, by inventing sources and or/citing them falsely. He refuses to engage with other users when asked detailed questions about this behaviour, but instead makes personal attacks (specifically calling users loyalist paramilitary supporters) and threatens to get other editors banned from wikipedia. This behaviour has been going on for nearly a year now and is hugely disruptive to the articles in question. This is not only due to the factual inaccuracies and POV he inserts, but also because his reverts delete all the work done on the articles since his previous edits. Additionally, his constant reverts have had the effect of re-posting copyrgiht material that had been removed. Finally, Devin79 has also defamed a living person, Irish journalist Henry McDonald, although he has not engaged in revert wars there when his edits were removed. Jdorney 11:44, 11 September 2006 (UTC)

The most serious aspect of this dispute, in my opinion, is edits such as [2]. Devin79 alters properly cited figures (from BBC News [3]) about the Provisional IRA's weapons arsenal. This change was made not only without providing a reference for the different numbers, but without changing the reference itself. So the article was left in a highly unsatisfactory state where it contradicted its own references, and this has been done several times over the past few months [4] [5]. Not only has Devin79 not responded to attempts by myself and other editors to engage with him on the talk page [6], but he announced his intention to keep on reverting regardless [7]. Demiurge 12:56, 11 September 2006 (UTC)

These accusations are completely false, and slanderous. Every single edit I have done of the PIRA article is based on a number of sources all of which have been cited in the article edits, and source page. Jdorney has infested this article with innacuracies and outright lies, due to his biasd view of the IRA. The edits I made are proven and the proof was cited again and again. I even gave him specific information on how to find this info, which not surprisingly he ignored. Jdorney is an arrogant little punk, he has no idea what makes a good article and is an example of why Wikipedia is ridiculed in academic circles. I have access to several other IP addresses, and I will be using them to continue to edit the sad, amateurish work of this biased little loser.

All of the above is also relevant to Jdorney's girlfriend SWATJester. SWATJester wouldn't know anything about the SAD if it slapped him upside the head. Having served 4 years as a Force Recon Marine, I would argue that I am far more knoweldgeable about this particular subject then some basement dweller who runs around calling himself "SwatJester". I will also be editing his articles with various IP addresses. Both of these little dirtbags can go to hell.

  • Please stop. If you continue to make personal attacks on other people, you will be blocked for disruption. Comment on content, not on other contributors or people. Thank you. JuJube 03:39, 1 February 2007 (UTC)