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Pearlman claim[edit]

Hi, Mimi. I was intrigued to read your edit crediting Sandy Pearlman with coining the term "heavy metal" in a musical context in 1968 for Crawdaddy. Unfortunately, we can't include that claim because you provide no sourcing for it. In all the research I and the other editors who have dedicated themselves to improving the heavy metal article have done, we've never found a quality source that supports this claim. Please familiarize yourself with official Wikipedia policy on properly sourcing information you wish to add to articles: Wikipedia:Verifiability. Of course, if you can specifically cite a quality source for the claim—a book (with page number), an issue of a magazine, an edition of a newspaper (rather than, for instance, a personal weblog or fanzine)—we can certainly include the Pearlman attribution. All the best (and welcome to Wikipedia!), Dan.—DCGeist (talk) 08:17, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

regarding Pearlman claim[edit]

HELLO! please click on the following link:

also please explain how to input biographical information, thank you...this is actually for my grandfather, one of the Ministers of Justice for Taiwan, already has a page in wiki

thank you Mimi