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Peer Review[edit]

Hi Danielle, I reviewed your edits to the wikipedia article "Norm of reciprocity" and overall, I think that you did a great job in improving the content of the article. I especially like the study you included and the addition of the section titled "Differentiations in Positive and Negative Reciprocity Norms". Both of these contributions significantly enhanced the information and clarity of the article as well as the actual meaning of "reciprocity norms". If I were to give any suggestions for improvement, the only thing I would tell you is to maybe simplify the information you added in the first section called "Norm of Reciprocity". It seems slightly confusing to someone such as myself, that has no previous understanding of the meaning of reciprocity. Good work Danielle! Stephaniee20 (talk) 21:00, 7 November 2012 (UTC)