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Reconstruction of Iraq[edit]

Thanks for your comments and diligence... "restored part of previously removed text" was my edit summary, which was accurate. This was not a revert, but only includes a part of the previously removed text. Sorry, but I really think that The Reconstruction is more than just repairing broken things and rebuilding, new things are being built, and one of those is the government.
The short paragraph "stated aims" merely summarises some of the political situation regarding the government, which I believe illuminates the context of the article. Please feel free to edit the article as you see fit, of course, but I believe the paragraph I restored was of value to the article and that it is reasonably short. There should probably be a link at the top of the paragraph though, to point readers to the relevant article, should someone be interested in reading more about the political aspects of the Reconstruction of Iraq.
Also thanks for your contributions to the article. Again, please feel free to edit the article in whatever manner you feel best suits the topic. User:Pedant 23:18, 15 August 2006 (UTC)