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Lincoln Moraes de Souza (born in November 07, 1979 - aka Emburaman, Link or Lincoln Souza) is a Brazilian graphic designer, rock/pop amateur drummer and also missionary for humanitarian trips around the globe. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a neighborhood called Embura - from where comes the alias Emburaman. His graphic design career began early at age 12, as a teenager in his home town church, creating the bulletin. In 1993 he applied for Civil Construction technical High School and joined a growing construction company in 1995 firstly as drawer and then as budgeting technician.

In his spare time also performed as drummer, during the 90's, in Embura Free Methodist Church, leading many worship services.

From 1998 Lincoln faced many changes and definitions specialy in his professional life. Applied for Graphic Design classes at Oswaldo Cruz College. He enjoyed his most academic successful period, and in 1999 got a trainee job at the well known worldwide English Bank Lloyds TSB, working as webdesigner in the Electronic Banking department.

In the early 2002 he joined one of his best friend Carlos and geathered some high-levered-professionals on theirs first international 2-weeks-missionary-trip to Luanda, Angola. Lincoln also went as volunteer to Rio de Janeiro slum village called Morro da Dona Marta and applied for many missionary conferences and training camps all around Brazil.

Lincoln uses to play some sports like basketball, volleyball and archery. In 2003 attended the Sao Paulo State Indoor Archery Champonship, acheiving 17th place in the male-adult category. He also go for hiking and other adventures around the town.

Nowadays he is living in Campinas in the Central-North of Sao Paulo, and works for a multinational IT company.