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Note to myself: in a recent edit to the Batting Average page, what could "c" mean in Hits / ABc?? Eugenwpg 06:56, 27 September 2006 (UTC)

Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2007[edit]

Hi Eugenwpg - Your suggestion is reasonable, I think - I'd go ahead and make it, and if there are objections (there aren't from me), we can work them out on the article talk page. Sarcasticidealist 00:25, 15 October 2007 (UTC)


Here are some references that you might find useful:

Sentence spacing[edit]

My attempt to clarify a subtle point in Sentence_spacing yesterday has been undone, so I tried a 2nd time to eliminate some erroneous speculation based on a misconception. (Reminds me of an edit-war I once got into over a similar point in the ASCII article.) Most major style-guides these days want just one space after a sentence. However the argument that proportional fonts have made double sentence spacing obsolete because these fonts can assign a wider spacing for terminal punctuation characters than for other punctuation characters is fatally flawed because it assumes a character-code for Period distinct from Dot which is not the case. I've twice attempted to make that point in the Sentence_spacing article, and both attempts have been reverted. Looking at the Discussion page for the article shows there's already been extensive debate over the "is obsolete" wording, and methinks my quality of life will be enhanced by my bowing out quietly. Eugenwpg 11 February 2011