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Improper synthesis on Holacracy[edit]

Hi - I revised your contribution to Holacracy because it broke the WP:SYNTH guideline and was a completely inappropriate tone for an encyclopedia. It is not our place to analyse and speculate at what caused Medium to lose faith in Holacracy - that is original research. But actually, the article by the operations chief did provide some reasoning, and I incorporated that into the article.--greenrd (talk) 14:36, 1 January 2017 (UTC)

@Greenrd: Hey thanks! If I can ask for a clarification: I'm a bit confused because I tried to write it in a neutral tone, referring exclusively to the source facts and not implying any conclusion. Re-reading it and compared to the changes I noticed that you kept the addition so I guess the problem wasn't there, however I also noticed that the sentence structure of the old one might have read as the Zappos facts could have been ported to Medium too. Was that the reason? If that's it, sorry, that definitely was not my intent. So... Thanks for the rewrite, you managed to make my addition clearer. (I also took some inspiration from your user page, thanks for that too). :)