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Re: Adding links to specific pages and having a company page[edit]

I will begin with the last question you asked. One of the most important things to understand about Wikipedia is that it is an encyclopedia, which means it composed of summaries of previously published content from high quality sources. This concept is the basis for two of Wikipedia's core content policies, Wikipedia:No original research and Wikipedia:Verifiability. For a topic to have a Wikipedia article, it needs third-party sources describing the topic in enough detail to allow for a neutrally worded description of the topic. In Wikipedia parlance, this is referred to as notability (Wikipedia considers a topic notable is enough third-party sources exist to allow for a unbiased article to be written based upon said sources). A quick web search for information about your organization, GameStakers ( comes up blank. As a result, I do not see evidence that the sources needed to base an article upon currently exist. To change this you, or others associated with your website, need to convince others (newspapers, trade magazines, or other established entities and not just Facebook fans or anonymous internet posters) to research, write, and publish descriptions of your website. You might also benefit from reading Wikipedia:Autobiography, which, while not an exact match to your circumstances, contains a lot of information pertinent to your situation.

All that being said, your question about adding links to your site is influenced by the concept of notability. The policy dealing with such links is Wikipedia:External links. If your website is unable to establish notability then questions as to why a link to your site is important enough to be included in an article are likely to arise. Several provisions in the external links policy may come into play (Wikipedia:External links#EL11 and WP:External links#ADV being the obvious ones) and attempts to add links will probably be reversed by other editors. --Allen3 talk 19:56, 11 August 2014 (UTC)