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Nadar (artist)[edit]

Changing the name of this article has broader implications than you considered in your edit summary - it is best to discuss these disruptive changes on the article's talk page first. For example, Nadar's broad accomplishments over several fields could lead future editors to want to rename the article for Nadar's literary contributions or his scientific efforts. In addition, many articles now need revisions in order to avoid disambiguation redirects. Here is a partial list of the cleanup that now needs to be done because of your unilateral renaming of this article:

  1. April 6 (links)
  2. Berthe Morisot (links)
  3. Charles Baudelaire (links)
  4. Claude Monet (links)
  5. Édouard Manet (links)
  6. Impressionism (links)
  7. Jean-François Millet (links)
  8. March 21 (links)
  9. 19th century (links)
  10. 1870s (links)
  11. Sarah Bernhardt (links)
  12. Émile Zola (links)
  13. Fixed-wing aircraft (links)
  14. Peter Kropotkin (links)
  15. George Sand (links)
  16. Hector Berlioz (links)
  17. Mistinguett (links)
  18. Charles-François Daubigny (links)
  19. List of photographers (links)
  20. Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov (links)
  21. Alexandre Dumas, père (links)
  22. Eugène Delacroix (links)
  23. Adolphe Thiers (links)
  24. List of one-word stage names (links)
  25. Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (links)
  26. Gustave Courbet (links)
  27. Remote sensing (links)
  28. From the Earth to the Moon (links)
  29. Aerial photography (links)
  30. Honoré Daumier (links)
  31. Émile de Girardin (links)
  32. Georges Ernest Boulanger (links)
  33. Caran d'Ache (links)
  34. User talk:Cacophony (links)
  35. Gabrielle Réjane (links)
  36. Timeline of aviation - 19th century (links)
  37. File:Emile de Girardin-Nadar.jpg (links)
  38. Art critic (links)
  39. Gustave Le Gray (links)
  40. Poète maudit (links)
  41. Sakoku (links)
  42. Carte de visite (links)
  43. Wallraf-Richartz Museum (links)
  44. Paul Gavarni (links)
  45. Louis Leroy (links)
  46. Jeanne Duval (links)
  47. Gaston Alexandre Auguste, Marquis de Galliffet (links)
  48. 1910 in art (links)
  49. List of French artists (links)
  50. Charles Crodel (links)
  51. Influences on Francis Bacon (painter) (links)
  52. James Wallace Black (links)
  53. User:ThePromenader (links)
  54. Jean-Marie Le Bris (links)
  55. 1820 in art (links)
  56. User talk: (links)
  57. Farabeuf (links)
  58. Prix Nadar (links)
  59. André Gill (links)
  60. Stanislas Lépine (links)

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