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BI513 Editing Comments: Antiandrogens[edit]

Hi Kbell90, Great article! I love how well organized it is and clear-cut and concise. It flows, its informative, and its not so complicated that you can’t understand. I’d say so far so good. As for ways to improve on it, I came across a few different points you could consider adding.

The main question that kept popping up for me as I read was how do antiandrogens suppress androgen synthesis? In the Intro is the first time this mechanism is mentioned and again in the Mechanism section itself, however, it seems a little vague and I was left wondering well…if this is a separate mechanism than blocking the receptor, then how exactly are they suppressing synthesis. It makes sense that blocking the receptor would block androgen effects, but wouldn’t androgen levels accumulate if they aren’t binding their receptors as usual? How do the chemicals diminish these levels? These articles may help:

Also, how do androgens suppress gonadrotrophin in the case of pharmaceuticals? Is this a similar mechanism?

I would be interested in seeing a section on how one can avoid being exposed to these chemicals and to reduce exposure to children during development. Have they found any way to reduce these chemicals in the environment yet?

Here’s a neat article on how effects are amplified when exposure is cumulative…might be good to include a little blurb on this.

Is there any current evidence on how release of these chemicals into the environment is affecting the biodiversity of species and species reproduction?

Hope this helps!! Hortonsb (talk) Hortonsb (talk) 05:22, 13 November 2011 (UTC)