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Hello. Thanks for your comments. Don't worry about the edits. Maybe I'll put the quote back later (or you can if you work on it again). I generally try to ignore that page! But something (I forget what) led me back to it recently. I thought I would just take out the inaccurate information, which is what I did the only other time I edited the page (more than five years ago). Something compelled me to actually add a little bit this time.

Were you the one who put all those quotes in from her website? I'm sorry for taking them out. They did sound like they were written by her, but the only results Google gave me when I tried to source them were Wikipedia or Wikipedia-plagiarized sites. In fact, I left some up because I just couldn't force myself to remove them. And I saved them all in a personal document in order to continue looking for the source when I have the chance. The website probably has a copy of her website from the time when the quotes were up. Anyway, if you restore them I won't remove them.

When I read the Wikipedia article on her, I wondered if one of her students had a hand in it. There seemed to be a perspective that came from a personal source. I am actually writing a master's thesis on Dillard as a teacher. It's possible that I contacted you about it last year. If I didn't and you would be interested in helping, please let me know. Many of her students have either written about their experiences as her student by e-mail or have spoken with me about it on the phone. You can reach me at (this address expires on the 17th; I'm giving you this one because I've never used this "user talk" function, and don't know if what I'm writing here is public).

Thanks! (talk) 02:15, 10 December 2011 (UTC)