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Welcome to swampfoot (talk) 17:15, 5 January 2013 (UTC)[edit]

Welcome to my talk page. You are welcome to post. I support freedom of expression. I also support the notion that expression is a form of personal conduct. Please make the choice to conduct yourself toward the goal of an accurate Wikipedia. People will rely upon your facts, more each day, as this grand experiment evolves.

Regarding Privacy[edit]

I will never attempt to discern the private details for any other editor, period. When there are problems, I will defer to Wikipedia for arbitration by consensus. I will never attempt a 'sock puppet' campaign, packet spoofing, or any other conduct which if not now, could someday in the future constitute wire fraud. Please do not e-mail me, unless you are an administrator with valid concerns.

Section Headers such as this one are easy to insert ...[edit]

... so please feel free to create one and go crazy, dish it up. Dialogue is welcome. Please be accurate. If you are not, this is my talk page, and I'll remove the content.

Please post below this section[edit]