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Angling for Northern pike

Angler caught Northern pike from Finland

Angling for Northern pike (or pike as they are called in Europe) has been popular with anglers for centuries. In 1682, R. O. Nobbes devoted an entire volume (78 pages) entitled The Compleat Troller to fishing English rivers for pike[1]. Where ever Northern pike are found, anglers employ most standard methods of sport fishing to catch them--bait fishing, casting with artificial lures, fly fishing, trolling and ice fishing.

Early Pike Angling History[edit]

Until the late 19th century, the Northern pike was commonly called the Great Northern Pickerel in the United States and Canada(Forester and Genio Scott).

Current Methods[edit]

Bait fishing[edit]

Casting artificial lures[edit]

Fly fishing[edit]


Ice fishing[edit]

Pike Related Angling Organizations[edit]

  • Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain [1]

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