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  • I will try to fix any image problems as soon as possible if a bot/editor leaves me a notice about an image and then revert the bot/editor's edit to acknowledge it as resolved. I like to keep things neat and focused on discussions, not line after line of image problems to take care of.
    • For transparency, that is all that I remove from my talk page completely outside of vandalism. Every other topic will be archived as appropriate, though not on a set schedule (usually every three or six months depending on how much is on the page).
  • I do carry rollback privileges, so if you need any help and I'm on, you can ask me here. However, not I will not get into edit wars and only use rollback for basic vandalism repair.
  • I do carry file moving privileges, so if you accidentally upload a logo or picture as "EJNEDC_128929_21.jpg", feel free to ask me to name it to something a bit more logical.
  • I also work on the conversation style of 'respond on your talk page, you respond here, I'll respond there', etc.
  • Please, if you can, try to list template notices under one heading for my convenience, rather than template after template if there are multiple notices. It makes acknowledgement much easier.
  • No profanity please. You can make a point just as easily without laying down an F-bomb here. I reserve the right to refactor your comment to remove profanity; I don't like going to my talk page and having to skim through swear words over and over again.
  • If you're here to leave some kind of attack on my page because of a vandalism rollback, reversion or some other kind of finding, I'm not exactly quaking that you're going to 'hack' my page or that I'm whatever choice obscenity you'd like to call me; it's getting reverted by me or another patrolling editor anyways. Before you leave a message, ask yourself; is it worth the effort to add a strike on the way to a block?