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Autistic studies are based under flawed data or improper testings. Contrary to normal beliefs, Autism does not have official connections with intellect delay; information that connects autism to MR has been poisoned under outdated studies dating before 1984. The WISC (Weschler Intellect Scales for Children) and Raven testing show far different results on Autistic children and adolescent teens.

For example-certain movies portray autistics as affected under mental deficiency. For multiple decades on end Autism was often connected with bad parenting and parents got the name regfrigerator mother tagged on them for years.

Unfortunately people that say they are experts in Autism are really different in contrast to whosoever are really Autism experts. The reason for Autistic people being supposedly affected by mental deficiency was because doctors became arrogant towards the point of writing Autistic people off as mental handicap!

Making matters worse, Autism related studies are under gender bias! The studies show masculine Autistics supposedly 4 times higher risk for becoming Autistic than the females are!

One problem-Autistic girls are much better masking their symptoms than males are. Males have the tendency for aggression, acting loudly and having more obvious behaviors when under Autistic states. Females are better whenever masking their symptom and are thus not given Autism diagnoses until later than normal, preventing people that happen being experts in Autism from giving them diagnoses during early ages, thus giving them different declaration other than Autism.

There are so many things to learn in regards with Autism.

No trespassing-keep out (talk) 00:46, 22 August 2008 (UTC)