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We use quotes, pictures, and card links. On the Magic: The Gathering deck types and subpages, there is a need for decklists. Testing decklists for Magic: The Gathering using templates.

Generic Example[edit]



a b
c d
e f
g h
i j

Land Example[edit]

{{User:NorrYtt/deck| | |Lands|5|Plains|4|Island|3|Swamp|2|Mountain|1|Forest}}


5 Plains
4 Island
3 Swamp
2 Mountain
1 Forest

Sligh Example[edit]

{{User:NorrYtt/deck|Sligh|Paul Sligh| |4|Jackal Pup|4|Mogg Fanatic|4|Mogg Flunkies|4|Ironclaw Orcs|4|Lightning Bolt|4|Incinerate|4|Fireblast|4|Cursed Scroll}}

Paul Sligh

4 Jackal Pup
4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Mogg Flunkies
4 Ironclaw Orcs
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Incinerate
4 Fireblast
4 Cursed Scroll

Red Deck Wins Example with spacing[edit]

 |Red Deck Wins
 |Shuhei Nakamura
 |Japanese Nationals|
 4|Grim Lavamancer|
 4|Jackal Pup|
 4|Mogg Fanatic |
 4|Blistering Firecat |
 4|Firebolt |
 4|Seal of Fire  |
 4|Magma Jet  |
 4|Pillage |
 4|Cursed Scroll  |
 4|Wasteland  |
 4|Rishadan Port  |
 4|Bloodstained Mire  |
 4|Wooded Foothills |
 8|Mountain  }}

Red Deck Wins
Shuhei Nakamura
Japanese Nationals

4 Grim Lavamancer
4 Jackal Pup
4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Blistering Firecat
4 Firebolt
4 Seal of Fire
4 Magma Jet
4 Pillage
4 Cursed Scroll
4 Wasteland
4 Rishadan Port
4 Bloodstained Mire
4 Wooded Foothills
8 Mountain