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Many salutations (^_^); I am very pleased that you have taken an interest in my latest contribution so that it can be polished to the zenith of quality. I feel a great euphoria whenever I contribute to Wikipedia; still, there are things here that have me scratching my head in confusion . . .

Exempli gratia: [[1]]

Please understand that this is not a criticism; still, I am perplexed as to your reasoning about changing the format of the airdates. Have there been any accounts of this date format (»day« @ »month« »year«) being confusing or difficult to understand?

Dairi no Kenkyo (talk) 18:19, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

The reasoning behind the change was to bring the date format in line with other standard representations of the date on Wikipedia and in English speaking regions in general. It is uncommon and slightly disconcerting to find the date in the format (»day« @ »month« »year«) due to the use of the "@" symbol. You are welcome to undo the change however it was purely implemented for the sake of ease of use for people in general.


NuncIdVides 13:05, 12 April 2010 (GMT)