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Adding pages to watch list[edit]

Re: [1]: (If no-one else has responded) If you're using the default "skin" , you can find a little star-shaped icon on the top of the page near the search box - click on that and the page you're currently viewing will be added to the watch list. About the hardest way to add a page to the walk list is to "View and edit" it and type in the article name. If you don't want to add every article you edit to your watch list, under "My preferences" in the tab "Watchlist" you can select or de-select "Add pages I edit to my watchlist", along with other options you may find useful. Happy editing. --Wtshymanski (talk) 13:18, 11 May 2012 (UTC)

Re: Tip - You're welcome, but don't be too disappointed to find out that sometimes the complicated way is the *only* way. However, if something seems especially tedious, sometimes there's a shortcut that's perfect obvious to a developer who's been working with the software since 2008. Watching what others do is possibly the best tutorial; learn from other's mistakes. --Wtshymanski (talk) 16:23, 15 May 2012 (UTC)