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July 2014 abuse[edit]

Hello and welcome to Wikipedia. A diverse type of contributions are welcome. Unfortunately, your writing style, your English abilities, and often the information you include, are often of a very poor quality. Additionally, you are blatantly defying instructions from others in order to continue violating policies. Please, please, please, stop your extensive editing of articles. Many, many of them will have to be tediously undone.  :-( Please see WP:GAMECRUFT, WP:OR, WP:3RR, WP:5, and WP:1ST and read them a million times. I don't think you mean any harm as far as I can tell so far, but you are pretty much WP:TENDENTIOUS and WP:DISRUPTIVE. You should focus on the smaller type of beneficial edits that you do to increase precision of existing work, and work your way up. Thanks. — Smuckola (Email) (Talk) 08:43, 14 July 2014 (UTC)

To quote this user's bizarre response to me via email:

For any other article I have edited would say no to this statement. For the article of "Hyrule Warriors" yes maybe it lacked detail but the information topic for my edits are just. I placed them as basic threads so other editors can come by and add more detailed information. To deny the information of the characters that would appear in the game to come is not stopping disruption in the article, it is a low form of censorship. As for the "Unfortunately, your writing style, your English abilities... are very poor quality." English is subjective and opinionated. To one man a sentence could be perfect to another it is wrong. Tho they're both correct.

So, the conversation fails, as literally everything said here is categorically incorrect and wrong, and (along with blatant edit warring) demonstrates a defiantly WP:TENDENTIOUS lack of comprehension of what an encyclopedia is and what language is. I don't know what's more bizarre: certain incoherent samples of writing which were posted to Wikipedia, or the fact that the editor is actually somewhat capable of coherent writing but just chooses not to always do it in an encyclopedia. I am placing it here not as a reply to the user, as there is no conversation to be had with tendentious abusers, but as a notice and confirmation to other editors and admins who at this rate will be inevitably correcting the user's damage and blocking the user in the future. — Smuckola (Email) (Talk) 22:23, 15 July 2014 (UTC)

Your editing[edit]

Hi, I'm Serge, an Admin here on Wikipedia. Your edits are not being undone due to "censorship". It's because you're making large edits that are introducing many errors into the articles.

I so not wish to scare you away, but I do need you to work with people, not against then. Sergecross73 msg me 13:05, 15 July 2014 (UTC)