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Message from vishakavijayakumar[edit]

Hello Paige

I am Vishaka. I can give you some help in understanding how to get work done in Wikipedia. I am a graduate student in Psychology: Learning and Behavior at UCLA. I edited Wikipedia articles last semester as part of a Social Psychology course. I worked on the article "Reward dependence", and I was able to nominate my article for a "Did You Know" (DYK) and my article was accepted for the section. I found the assignment effective in helping me learn about the topic of the article I edited, the culture and norms of Wikipedia, and writing articles from a neutral point of view. I have learned some valuable lessons while completing my assignment and I will be glad to offer advice based on what I learned.

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InstructorCommentBot (talk) 14:51, 4 April 2012 (UTC) on behalf of vishakavijayakumar (talk)