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Rickyboy (talk · contribs · block log)


Where did you get the image from? Image:Parts of an Oscilliscope.gif. Did you draw it yourself? We need to add copyright tags to the image. BTW welcome to wikipedia, you're gonna love it here. Theresa Knott (a tenth stroke) 18:03, 10 July 2005 (UTC)

Image:Where hurricanes strike.gif[edit]

You uploaded the image Image:Where hurricanes strike.gif. It has now been listed as a copyvio due to its having been copied from the World Book web site. Any other images you uploaded from there need to be removed and tagged for deletion as well. -- Cyrius| 05:41, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

I'm tagging every image you have uploaded as a copyvio to be deleted. Absent any other explanation, it all appears to be stolen from the same site. Why did you think that was acceptable? -- Cyrius| 05:48, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

My images weren't taken from the World Book site, so I am reverting those articles. If you wish to remove the images, then tag them first for further discussion. --Rickyboy 01:33, 18 July 2005

They are all tagged as possible copyright violations already. Stop reinserting them into articles. -- Cyrius| 07:49, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

Just because they are possible copyright violations does not mean that they are. I will not stop reverting your arbitrary actions. -- Rickyboy 01:51, 18 July 2005

Then you'll be blocked from editing for reinsertion of illegally copied material. -- Cyrius| 07:54, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

I wouldn't do that if I were you...

Besides, even if they were violations of copyright law, they would still be justified because people shouldn't have to pay to learn things. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you're making all of those articles much more difficult to understand. So, let World Book defend itself if it wants to. The readership for World Book and Wikipedia are completely different.

In any case, they aren't even off the World Book site! -- Rickyboy 02:02, 18 July 2005

Sorry, that response just won't cut it here. You endanger all of Wikipedia if you post copyrighted images, and believe me, if it was published by world Book, it's copyrighted. Your behavior is not such that we are going to trust you -- first you say it's not a copyright violation, then you say you don't care if it is. Well, you should, because it's against Wikipedia policy.

I created the graphics myself, and took the pictures myself as well. Since you are obviously convinced that I took them from World Book, I wrote hypothetically that even in that case such actions would be justified. Besides, you've done your due diligance and fulfilled your legal obligations for Wikipedia. So you can drop it now. If I violated the law (which I haven't), then I'll be the one liable now. --Rickyboy 02:30, 18 July 2005

OK. I posted a note on the article talk page too so everyone's aware there's a dispute. You say you created the graphic, I'll take your word, absent other evidence. But try to take it in the spirit of collaboration too. We all want to improve the articles. You came down kinda hard on Cyrius, you two should discuss it nicely if you can. If somebody else deletes the graphic, I suggest don't just put it back, maybe put more information on the article talk page so everyone knows how you created it and how it can't be confused with anything from the World Book site. People will be glad to have your contributions if you show some willingness to work together. Cheers. DavidH 08:42, July 18, 2005 (UTC)

Cheers. Rickyboy 02:45, July 18 2005

Stop re-adding the images. Are you seriously claiming that you created Image:Where hurricanes strike.gif? -- Cyrius| 09:11, 18 July 2005 (UTC)
That's it. I have blocked this account indefinitely as a vandal account. Your reinsertion of Image:Where hurricanes strike.gif, which has been sourced to World Book Online after being explicitly questioned about it clinches it. -- Cyrius| 09:16, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

I'm writing some e-mails to some administrators to unblock me. I don't know why you're so angry at me. I never did anything to you. -- Rickyboy

You damaged Wikipedia by intentionally uploading copyrighted material without permission, then lied about it. -- Cyrius| 09:33, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

My address is blocked only until tomorrow. -- Rickyboy

I have compared the images. It is quite obvious that Image:Where hurricanes strike.gif is the same as the World Book image. Are you claiming that they got it from you? -Aranel ("Sarah") 17:47, 18 July 2005 (UTC)

I tried very much to find a difference between the two pictures, but they seem to be identical in every aspect, you might say that it was a Innate idea, or that the world book stole it from you, but until it is figured out, it doesn't belong on any wikipedia page. --Eliezer 10:13, 19 July 2005 (UTC)

If you unblock me I won't upload any more pirated images. Also know that I never vandalized any articles. (I don't know where you got that idea.) --Rickyboy

Okay, but consider yourself on parole. Uncle Ed 18:54, July 21, 2005 (UTC)