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re: phentermine[edit]

[October 2010]

i have a family member who is taking phentermine hcl 30 mg he was a history of substance abuse and has been sober and clean for 3 yrs =his doctor prescribed the as a diet supplment however he has been talking about attempting to snort this medication he promised me he would not untill this note is answered what should i look for if he is lying and or what would happen if he does thank you chris

Snorting it? Damn. His septum's going to be all fucked up. That shit eats through flesh yo. He's going to have a nosebleed ASAP dude. -robcypher

Ps Just look for him not eating and being up all day. Doy! ;) -robcypher

Malicious hacks coming from[edit]

[January 2016]

This Verizon-based IP address has been traced to a pair of teenagers from Western Pennsylvania with some kind of grudge against the subject; they also broke into his Google and Facebook accounts at one point. Will submit more detailed info to Wikipedia staff if the repeated attempts at defamation occur again.