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Did you write the Bradman article? If so, good work.

Yep, I'm glad you liked it (though it has been improved by others a fair bit since my initial version). I can't get preferences to record my username, though :(

Can't get preferences to record your user name? Maybe you've turned off cookies (or have a program that blocks some)- check Internet Explorer options. Are you an Australian? If so, did you read about Wikipedia in Australian PC World magazine?
I'm using Mozilla, which in my case is set to accept cookies after I approve them, but no cookie seems to be being sent for some reason. Yep, I'm an Aussie, but I heard about wikipedia on slashdot a while ago.

Responded to your comments on Wikiproject Sports Franchise Listing. Thanks! RjLesch.

Robert wrote this on the shooting sports page, and I've moved it over here to answer

Jimbo, why safety? While I have no doubt that sporting shooters take gun safety very seriously (and with considerable success - I can't ever recall hearing about an injury from a target shooting event), it doesn't seem to be the point of the competition (other than that I suppose any competitor handling their weapon in an unsafe manner would be severely punished). --Robert Merkel

In the only sport with which I'm personally familiar, which is practical pistol shooting under the auspices of the IDPA, safety is an integral part of the sport. The scoring reflects speed, accuracy, and safety. Since that's probably not true of all sports, although -- as you say -- I'm sure the all penalize or disqualify people for doing anything unsafe -- I'll remove it from the description for shooting sports in general. -- Jimbo Wales

I hope you will excuse me for jumping into this, but in my opinion safety is stressed in shooting sports much, much more than in most other sports. It seems the degree to which safety is stressed in a sport has a correlation with the *potential* risk of the sport. Hangliding, shooting, scuba diving, skydiving, all stress safety very, very much. I grew up shooting with my father. That was very much the culture. I think it belongs in a discussion of those sports. --Dmerrill
Yes, I agree totally. My point was that to my knowledge, safety wasn't the point of the competition. It turned out I was wrong in the case of IDPA. In any case, this debate was from months ago. --Robert Merkel