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Username Policy[edit]

Hi Slowbeef,
Your use of this account is apparently quite infrequent, but I thought I'd drop a line anyway.
It is Wikipedia's policy that usernames which impersonate other people are not allowed, so in order to use your present username, you must in fact be the Slowbeef of the SomethingAwful forums (Michael Sawyer). You have alluded in your talk page posts that this is the case, but you must have some evidence of your identity. This would be done by means of a communication from Slowbeef stating that this account was created by him. If you will not or cannot provide this evidence, you may be blocked from editing as a precaution.
Since you've made only two edits in over four years, and Slowbeef is not Michael Sawyer's real name, this is not a big deal and I don't intend to have it investigated or acted upon. I just thought you should know. Rutebega (talk) 01:25, 16 January 2013 (UTC)